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Postby shodan » Tue May 11, 2010 6:13 am


I work as a computer technician and I install windows a -lot-
and as part of my windows install I used to install AWC for all customer, pre-configured with about 100 nice wallpapers
about 2 month ago I decided to update my install kit, one of the programs I updated was AWC
just put the new exec in place of the other without visiting this site really,
did a test run everything seemed fine with all the software including yours
so I went ahead and put my update kit "in production"
then some time later, on my personnal desktop I started getting expiry warnings from awc
I thought uh-oh

a few days laters I started getting calls how to solve this, I had installed windows on about 40 machines in the mean time
I guess most people will just live with a warning popup everytime they boot and most will never figure out what a "AWC" is or what it does
well after this I decided to revert to not installing a wallpaper management program
this has caused some lost time and it's a bit disappointing but I guess everyone likes to "cash in" on their work at some point so I can't really blame yeah
but still there are other programs out there that change the wallpaper every 30 minutes and I chose yours specifically because it didn't have nagware or didn't bother the user -ever-

well except when they tried to change the wallpaper, those who called because they wanted to set a wallpaper of kittens or their kids enough to call me , I had to explain what awc was, how it worked, after a while I just told them to erase c:\windows\awc\*.jpg and then put their pictures in that folder that was less time consuming
and after a while I just explained how to remove awc that was even less expensive
but this is pretty much the final straw and I'll respect your wishes to be paid for use and not continue installing the old version either

anyway, here is some constructive criticism
the reason I got callbacks was some user wanted to put a new wallpaper , of course that meant when it got set it was all wrong and it got replaced 30 minutes later
I think the best way to solve this is to watch the currently set wallpaper at a regular interval, if it is not one set by awc the path to that file should be added to the wallpaper "playlist" or even better , just copy that file to the wallpaper folder
this will allow users to set the background the same way they used to (maybe using the display properties or using their image viewer to set it, and I wouldn't be getting call if I continued installing awc, which I won't )

good bye and thanks for the software it used to be great but I can't afford to pay 6 euros per windows install for software, I install over 30 programs if each wanted their micropayment it would cost over 180 euros in licensing fee alone !!! and I already charge like 40 euros to install windows, and just buying a new laptop computer is 230 euros so everyone would just get a new computer
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Postby SteveM_Admin » Fri May 21, 2010 1:44 pm

As a professional IT person you need to be aware of the licence terms of any software that you install. That includes checking for changes to the original licence terms as new versions come out. As you charge a fee for your Windows installation services you would in any event have been in breach of the original, donation-ware, licence for AWC. If you add value to your own service by installing other people's software, free or otherwise, you need explicit permission to do so from the copyright holder. This applies to the "100 nice wallpapers" you distribute too.

I make no apologies for charging a fee for software that I have dedicated thousands of hours developing. I originally distributed AWC using a donation-ware model in the hope that people who could afford it would simply donate what they thought was fair. That didn't work out: very few people donated despite thousands of downloads. I have no record of a donation from yourself either, despite the fact that you got considerable benefit from the software. Given the sophisticated and extensive functionality available in AWC I believe that the basic £5.95 fee is very fair. I have also negotiated reduced licencing rates with other Value Added Resellers, like yourself, based on licence volumes.

Windows 7 comes with its own, very limited, wallpaper changer built in so you can at least fall back on that.

i wish you good luck with your career in IT but would recommend that you review your licence management procedures.

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