Version Number?

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Version Number?

Postby mario » Sat Oct 03, 2009 9:39 am

Hi Steve,

its been a while, that i read here and (i think) updated your fine program!

i use it every day and enjoy all the features, you have included since we met virtually :-) thank you for that!!

although i sometimes miss some features i've requested (all those open posts of mine, hehe), i must say, hardcore-using and -stressing/-testing your program has come down to a "normal" use of a wallpaper changer, with some real enhanced features.
i.e. i really often use the "delete the current wallpaper"-feature, because i really have not time to check some pictures by hand 8-)

so today, i tried to download a newer version, so see whats new, but i cant find a newer version on your website :-) only an oder. :-))

if i go to the download page, i see: 4.6.21 - August 12, 2009
the about screen shows 4.6.25
the "check for newer version" don't shows "up to date".

also, as i'm having some spare money left and using your program on two computers (my home computer and on a virtual machine on my laptop) i'd like to register a second time.
(ah, i now read, that your licence already include up to 3 computers! thats a very kind and generous licence! anyway take the money as a "thank you". if we had met in real life, i had donated you with some flowers, beer, pizza, or what else you like/need, to thank you for the transformation of my whiches ;-) )

it's still the best wallpaper changer in the whole net!
and i'm here for a long long time 8-)

have a good time.

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Re: Version Number?

Postby SteveM_Admin » Sat Oct 03, 2009 2:42 pm

Hi Mario,

It's good to hear that your still enjoying AWC and thanks for such kind words: they're very much appreciated.

The disparity between the version number stated on the download page and the actual version number of the program in the installation set is simply due to the fact that I made a couple of minor bug fixes and just released them to avoid support incidents. There didn't seem much point in updating the version history as there was no significant change and people would get the up to date one by using AWC's check for latest version functionality.

There will be a minor update released in a week or so (including the change to show the file search progress you recently suggested) and I'll update everything accordingly.

Just for the record, I'm not ignoring the list of enhancements you've suggested: it just takes time to get around to them with life's other priorities getting in the way.

Thanks too for generously registering again. I wasn't necessary, as you noted, but is very gratefully received.

Best regards


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