Randomization and display image once

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Randomization and display image once

Postby sekular » Sun May 06, 2012 11:36 am

I have been using awc for a long time and I have always noticed that it seems to display the same images sometimes, far too frequently. I have the "ensure that each picture is displayed only once" but across reboots of the computer it does not appears that this works. I know there is the chance that occasionally the randomization would cause for the same image to be displayed. But with that option checked i thought that It would not display the image until all the other images have been displayed. This does not appears to work that way. I have tried both the folder only randomization and using a file list and pressing the randomization button manually. They both have similar results.

So the feature request is to make the "ensure that each picture is displayed only once" option work across reboots of the computer. This would mean that when on the file list as it just goes down two at a time, i am not sure how you would make sure that the same image is not displayed again. Because if you randomize with the button the order will change and the image selection only goes down two at a time. You would have to make it skip images when going down the list. If you could then just enable it for folder only mode that might be easier?
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