Tile image in Stretch to full screen mode

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Tile image in Stretch to full screen mode

Postby moverickslayer » Sat Dec 18, 2010 1:01 pm


I always thought i was doing it wrong so far, but i tried over and over, and it seems that the tiling option would not work in certain circumstances.

Example, I have two screen, both set at 1680x1050, now I have walls that are of same resolutions, also 1920x1200, and smaller ones.

The result i was expecting was, have walls of same reso display normally, walls that are larger, stretched to be full screen, and those smaller than the resolution of the screen, to be tiled.

So I changed from "best fit" to "full screen" mode, and the tiling option doesn't work even if it is still on, all smaller images will be displayed in the center with no tiling, and the rest is fine. Is there a way to have tiling work when in "full screen" or "worst fit" modes?

Thanks in advance.
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