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Likes & Wishes

PostPosted: Fri Jul 23, 2010 11:02 pm
by Blaze!
I am using your program mainly because the name of the image being displayed can be shown which helps me in calling up an image I want to further edit. Desired enhancements to your program could be: (1) transitions between images (fades, sweeps, etc.), (2) a refresh button to add images recently added to the folder..."restart" does not seem to do this, (3) have the File Name of the currently displayed image automatically visible in the main window so one does not have to search for it. In fact if the image name is not displayed on the screen, scrolling through 2,000 file names can be time consuming even though the current image name is highlighted.

Here is a question: I like to keep the changer set to about 30 seconds continuously however if working full screen in another program each image change causes a "blink" which can be annoying so I end up pausing the changer. Is this an inherent issue with monitors (perhaps a refresh issue) or is it due to the application(s) programming...yours or the overlayed app?

All in all your program serves my editing needs well. Glad to add it to my stock pile of apps. Thanks

Re: Likes & Wishes

PostPosted: Sat Aug 21, 2010 3:03 pm
by SteveM_Admin
Thanks for the kind words

1. Transitions aren't really an option as the background is essentially static unless you're using Windows 7. In the Win7 case Microsoft's own program is running in the background to perform simple transitions and I'd have to find some way to take control of it. That sort of behaviour would usually be flagged immediately by virus checkers etc. as malicious behaviour so I probably won't be doing it.

2. In view by folder mode there is an option on the preferences screen to check for new files in the selected folders and add them to the internal list of files. Restart should do that automatically. Am I correct in thinking that you are using view by file mode? If so the list is not automatically updated with new files because the selected view is of files that the user has specifically selected rather than being those that happen to be in a specific folder that might change its contents. Having said that I'm looking at changing the view by folder functionality somewhat so that the list of files to display that is currently maintained internally is made visible to the user in similar fashion to the view by file mode. That will probably be sometime next year though.

3. I've noticed that issue myself. Rather than make the currently displayed file automatically visible in the list I think I'll add a button or menu option that allows the user to jump to the correct position in the list. Doing it automatically might cause the view to jump while the user is doing something.

The flicker seems to vary from system to system. When the wallpaper is changed Windows sends a message to each running application to tell it that it might need to refresh its displayed windows. It's down to the app to determine whether it really needs to. I suspect that the system display drivers are also notified as I sometimes see the flicker in a particular app on an ATI system but not in the same app on an nVidea one.

Re: Likes & Wishes

PostPosted: Tue Sep 21, 2010 12:31 pm
by SteveM_Admin
Just FYI, item number 3 is available in the latest version of AWC